Strong Points

Best Performance
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  • The Biggest Service Contract Holder of CMA, EMC, HMM, MSC, ONE, OOCL, YML
  • 2021's HANDLING Volume : 18000 TEU
  • The Biggest LCL Consolidator to USA, South America, Central America, and Caribbean
  • Specialist for GOH
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  • No. 1 Agent of KE, CI, TK and EY
  • Weekly Consol to LAX and NYC
  • Weekly Consol to LON
  • Daily Consol to ICN (Korea)
  • Agent of JL, NH, CI, LH, EK, GA, KE, TG, SV, MH, OZ, QR, KU, EY & QF
  • IATA Agent


Our Clients

Major Customer